Pre-opening Planning 


Opening a hotel is an art in itself. Critical timelines and paths need to be controlled and managed in detail. 

Within our team we have opened numerous hotels over the last decade, and are ready to do the next roll-out with our strategic  development approach, checklists and action plans.

Concept Development 

We can support you with your hotel project from the earliest stages. We excel in development of new hotel concepts, and original ideas, including branding and positioning. 

If you are looking to open a successful hospitality business, we are here to assist & advise.

During this phase we help you to plan and execute the hotel opening.

   Launch planning and scheduling
   Project management
    Sales & Marketing planning
    Business & accounting system set-up
    Service standards establishment
    Staff selection and training support
    Policy & Procedures development
    Quality & Guest Satisfaction program                  implementation
    Systems implementation
    OS&E procurement & installation

      Pre-Opening Asset Management Services

Our experience in opening hotels allows for a clear vision and focus on the critical tasks that determine 
the success of your new hotel.

    Preparing and/or validating the Operator’s proforma, including highlighting risks and upside.
    Evaluating technical service issues such as model room specifications, attic stock requirements, 
and IT system requirements.
    Selecting, structuring, and negotiating management or lease agreements with tenants such as  SPAs and restaurants.
    Exercising owner approval rights under the management agreement including key management 
approval and first year budget approval.
    Working with Operator to develop Hiring Schedule and Critical Path.
    Assisting in preparation and approval of Pre-Opening and OS&E Budgets.
    Participating Operator in pre-opening marketing, including development of pricing strategies, 
sales force staffing and deployment, sales action plans, booking goals, website development, selection of PR firm, 
and allocation of pre-opening marketing funds.
    Reviewing brand Property Improvement Plans (PIP) to brand standards and assisting in negotiating brand PIPs.


Monitoring the Financial Performance

•    We will review of the current performance of the hotel in comparison with the budget and with the previous year, 
supervise the budget approval process.
•    Continue to Monitor forecasting, balance sheet and on-the-books businesses.
•    Ensure the right balance mix of day-to-day monitoring and strategic investment

•    Review of the current performance of the hotel in comparison with the budget, on a monthly basis,
and analyse performance compared to previous years.
•    Full audit of expenditure of each department on monthly and quarterly basis
•    Identify areas in each department that can be reduced through operational or procurement changes.
•    Review utility expenditure and implement cost savings in energy consumption where possible.
•    Review all balance sheet items to ensure compliance with Indonesian tax laws, as well as maximizing 
depreciation as bottom line expense.

Capital Expenditure

•    Establish rules on CapEx process and pro  jects approval (e.g. obtain multiple bids, implement SOPs to 
ensure best practice, ensure best quality, and monitore entire process of delivery, implementation, 
warranties, guarantees, insurance coverage, health and safety adjustments, training, maintenance procedures, etc).
•    Ensure the right balance between R&M versus CapEx.
•    Monitor budgeting for CapEx and long term planning.
•    Provide ROI analysis.
•    Guaranteed full transparency for the owner.


Revenue Management

    Unlock access to multi-dimensional internal and benchmark data.
    Control over rate setting and internet marketing/distribution/social media.
    Strategic planning, tight supervision of sales and marketing, analysis of market trends, market positioning.
    Secure full control of the PACE, forecasting and budgeting, room type utilization, flow-through by segment, complimentary room nigh report, geo-stats…
    Control of channel submission and reservation cost per channel and other hidden cost.
    Track of sales and marketing targets for the hotel and supervise of activities.


Operational Reviews

•    Confirm that owners interest has a direct influence on property level operating decision.
•    Supervise the effectiveness of attracting revenues and cost control.
•    Ensure that the on-going projects are moving along at property level.
•    Review of external and internal client and staff satisfaction surveys.
•    Evaluate key personnel and request hotel corporate support when necessary (e.g. replacing staff, training, S&M initiatives…).
•    Monitor stock level.
•    Certify that the asset is well looked after.

Advise Ownership on Management

•    Continuous performance supervision and contractual compliance.
•     Establish communication channels between all stakeholder (e.g. owner, operator, executive team, employees, communities).
Transparency: good news or bad news, the owner needs to be informed



•    Review all major contracts (e.g. retail, consultant bid).
•    Advice on all third-party contracts on behalf of the owner.
•    Protect all owner interests, safeguarding third-party consultants and advisers in terms of property issues.


Franchise/ Operator Affiliatiions


•    Warrant more brand transparency balance owner versus operator interest.
•    Advice on the initial selection and appointing of the Management Company or franchise.
•    Verify the conformity of the hotel management contract.
•    When necessary, support owner with termination of hotel management agreement.