Our unique methodology (analytical experience and practical operational experience) in financial management ensures the utmost value of your hotel assets.

We review and analyse the work of the operators, propose a service adapted to suit each hotel or investment, and ensure the requirements and goals are met.


La Claire generates greater value for any hotel investments either by re positioning less productive hotel assets in markets with growth potential, or improving the financial performance of productive assets.

We have managed hotels and resorts worldwide that have obtained significant market penetration over a short period, as we specialize in detecting and suppressing all procedures and activities generating excess costs especially during the first few years of asset management


Our commitment at La Claire is to optimize the performance of a hospitality asset, both in terms of revenue enhancement and cost reduction. With a broad range of experience we are able to drill down to core issues within an operation, and work to make the necessary changes to drive performance. We are committed to working with all stakeholders to deliver results.


Our core process is defined as follows:

Define - work with the client to clearly define what perceived issues are and what are the desired outcomes. 

Analyse - review of all data (internal and external) available to assess the current status of the property/project.

Control - implement controls/systems to achieve desired results.

Improve - seek to improve performance.

measure - ensure the correct metrics are in place to measure performance and track results achieved.


We are in a highly competitive market in which each company seeks it's own position providing 
it's different values. We do this by guaranteeing a unique professional top quality trustworthy and 
reliable service to ensure your peace of mind. We guarantee your investments while we make sure 
your business continues to grow. You can rest assured that we will make your assets grow as quickly as possible.
 We are therefore working incessantly on improving the efficiency of our processes and services,  
adapting them to the new technologies and to your needs in order to offer the best response.
We believe in a common strategy, which best represents the interests of shareholders, teaming up
 with the operator to best optimize your output.
We guarantee complete assurance in the planning and implementation of the project, endorsed by
the utmost confidentiality, supported by total transparency and completed by full integrity of our team.

The key partner you need to meet your goals.
     At La Claire behind every client & every customized service is a team             that is fully committed to their investments.